Cinnamon | A Super Spice?

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Cinnamon | A Super Spice?

Spices are defined as any “aromatic vegetable substance”.

Basically this means that they are derived from plants. Many spices have important health benefits. Some are potent anti-cancer agents. Some spices are anti-inflammatory and more and more researchers are agreeing on these findings.

In one comparison of anti-oxidant power from the Agricultural Research Center, the compounds in Oregano rank higher than Vitamin “E”.

So now we come to Cinnamon, a spice we incorporate in many of our recipes here at  La Loba’s Bakery. There is so much information on the health benefits of Cinnamon that it cannot be fully addressed in a forum such as this. However, for people affected with Type 2 Diabetes, there may be very important clues given to consider a little Cinnamon in the diet. The reader should do their own personal research before making their own conclusions.

There are different types of Cinnamon and different opinions on the right type to use for health benefits, so do the research and make an informed decision. As for persons with Type 2 Diabetes, it is suggested that Cinnamon has an effect on blood glucose levels, triglyceride and cholesterol, all factors to be considered for defeating the disease. Once again, be cautious as I am just abstracting information from sources I have read and feel confident enough to want to know more.

It is suggested that Cinnamon is believed to be a glucose moderator and is recognized as being an anti-bacterial.

Now, does all this information mean that you should eat a lot of La Loba’s baked goods? Well, no, rather I believe that you should eat       La Loba’s goodies because they taste so good and you should feel happy when you eat and being happy is an important constituent of any diet and yes, I think that knowing Cinnamon has known health benefits should make you feel all that much better.

So relax, be happy and whatever you eat make sure it is whole, real food, stay away from the chemically altered and highly processed food like products.

Happy eating, enjoy.

Gwynn and Alan

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Bakery Boy Blog | We’re Baking Now

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Bakery Boy Blog | We’re Baking Now

Wow, just found out that we were written up in the Bakery Boy Blog. Check out the article here:

Bakery Boy Blog – La Lobas Bakery Blue Mountain Beach Fl.

The blog is for people who love bakeries. Joe (aka Bakery Boy) Rada—who grew up in one, worked in several, has visited hundreds in his career as a journalist and travel writer, and learned a lot about life and baked goods in the process. The blog shares tasty and telling experiences and leads to favorite bakeries you do not want to miss if your travels take you nearby.

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